Mileage Builders

There are a number of reasons to join a mileage builder:

  • to add miles to a log book in order to qualify for a formal sailing exam
  • To gain international certifications
  • to gain experience on long trips away from shore
  • to learn to live comfortably underway, in preparation for a long passage
  • for the fun of sailing somewhere new with like-minded people

With our extensive background and expertise in offshore adventure sailing, our skippers have the capability to make your mileage builder an adventure. Crew and boat safety is our highest priority. Our experienced and accredited instructors have the knowledge to plan and complete engaging and technical passages. They also have the care and compassion to show you how to maintain a livable, functional environment whilst underway and maybe even carve a little bit of luxury into your days at sea. We encourage you to challenge yourself and join a like-minded crew.

Certification Course description.

As well as gaining miles and sailing experience you have the option to gain a certification on all five, seven and fourteen day courses.

We can provide IYT and ISPA course instruction up to and including Coastal Skipper providing you meet all the prerequisites laid down by the IYT & ISPA prior to the start date. We will only certify you to the next level up in each five day period with the exception of Competent Crew and Day Skipper which can be completed in 7 days with prior sailing experience.

IYT courses are recognised in over 24 countries around the world and include the International Certificate of Competence.

For further details please contact us as we modify instruction content to suit each individuals needs.
It’s a bespoke course for each crew member and to achieve this we have no more than 4 students to each certified instructor.

All Courses and Mileage Builders start and finish in Nanaimo B.C.

Course dates for 2013


14 to 21
Seven day course and mileage builder, $1400 shared cabin, add 60% for a single cabin.


5 to 12 & 13 to 20
Seven day course and mileage builder, $1300 shared cabin, add 60% for a single cabin.

Arrival is 10am on start date (pre board the night before on request) depart by 10am on finish date.

We would be pleased to hear from you to discuss your goals, please use our enquiry form to obtain further details.

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