Yacht Delivery

Yacht delivery – time expected to complete delivery is generally more than three days; delivery passage may be offshore or include offshore legs; several crew may be required; crew may be required to have specific international papers or a border crossing is required.

Boat moves – can be expected to be completed in 1-3 days, may include over-night stops at anchor; follows a coastal route; can be undertaken with minimal crew; does not cross an international border. If this describes your needs pleas click here for our Boat Moves page.

We provide highly experienced, qualified and commercially endorsed personnel for delivery of your yacht. We can provide each crew member’s resume and you can talk to the skipper before departure. An appropriate number of crew will be provided dependant on the delivery passage and the size of your vessel. All requirements for your insurance policy will be accommodated.

  • Crew and boat safety are our highest priorities.
  • On arrival the crew will rigorously check the yacht. Life saving equipment will be inspected and all systems will be tested. Any arising issues will be rectified before departure, and chafe protection will be added to all areas vulnerable to damage.
  • Before departure the skipper will prepare a passage plan and report to us.
  • Whilst underway the skipper will make contact on landfall at the earliest opportunity, and maintain an accurate log during the passage. Our operations centre is available to the skipper 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We assist with maritime weather and safety information and any other help or advice required by the crew whilst underway.
  • At arrival at destination the crew will remove all surface protection, perform a full valet and provide a written report of the vessel’s condition including photos.

If this is the comprehensive service you were looking for, fill in our no-obligation enquiry form to obtain an estimate for the delivery of your yacht.

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